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Boasting a vast array of wigs and toppers from around the world, and right here in Singapore, The Australian Wig Company’s full selection is just a click away. With access to real time in-person consultations you can make an informed decision on the best option to suit what you’re wanting to achieve. Enjoy an online video chat with one of our friendly specialists by booking your consult today. We’re experts in beautiful hair loss solutions with one of the largest ranges of Petite sized wig cap options available anywhere.

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How to fit your wig?

A hair wig is designed to sit comfortably on your head and mimic how biological hair looks. A wig is put on by following a few simple steps…

It’s important to remember a few no-no’s when using a wig. Avoid placing glasses/sunglasses on top of your head, avoid wearing hats without a barrier between the wig and the hat, not recommended to swim or sleep in your wig.

Flip the wig inside out.

Place your thumb on the front of your wig and hold.

Hold the back with your other hand.

Place the front part close to your eyebrows, and pull the wig over your head using the back hand.

Gently pull back the wig to sit where your hairline would be. If it has a lace front ensure it sits flat.

Hair Wigs Tutorials

Here in our How To guide you’ll find the washing for both natural and synthetic hair wigs and toppers along with a few great tips for how to style your styles too…


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Wigs & What You Need To Know

Whether you wear a wig for cosmetic or medical reasons, the result can be life changing. A Wig is worn on your head and will mimic how your own hair looks. There are two types of fibres that wigs can be made out of (synthetic and human hair) and several methods of how the wig can be made including machine and hand made. The base/cap of a wig will determine the type of method required to make the wig, which type of cap and base suits your end result the best will come down your individual requirements. Budget, comfort, lifestyle will all be factors that will determine which wig will be the best choice for you.

1. Synthetic Hair Wigs
Synthetic fibres vary considerably in quality and how realistic they appear. Usually the higher the price the better quality synthetic fibre. Some fibres have the ability to tolerate low heat settings which make them able to be styled a little. It’s always best to do a strand test to be sure your synthetic wig will tolerate any heat. The Techno Fibre from the Petite Wig Company will actually tolerate up to 130 degrees heat styling which is just fantastic for styling. The absolute beauty that a synthetic wig offers is that they will stay in exactly the same shape and offer ‘shake and wear’. No extra styling is required making them a very easy to wear option.

2. 100% Human Hair Wigs
Most of our lovely clients who walk into our Perth Wig Specialist showroom or have in person consultations with our Melbourne Wig Specialist, are recommended 100% human hair wigs. Made either using the Remy human hair, or the premium European human hair, the human hair wigs offer the most realistic looking wig options. Human hair offers the ability to be styled just like your own biological hair and look/feel like your own hair does. Generally speaking 100% human hair wigs also offer longevity over their synthetic wig counterparts.

Why buy a hair wig online from Australian Wig Company?

It’s always a little hard buying things online, especially when it’s something as personalised as your hair loss solution. Some of your concerns may be how is the wig going to fit? Have I chosen the right size? Have I chosen the right colour? At the Australian Wig Company we deal with questions just like this every day and for us it’s easy to offer the right answers to your questions. By choosing to do an online consultation our Australia wig specialist you will have guidance to determine a few key areas

  1. What size wig cap will work best for you?
  2. This is achieved by taking measurements of your head and there are three main measurements that will help establish
  3. which wig cap will fit you best,
  4. Circumference of your head
  5. Ear to Ear measurement
  6. Front to Back measurement.

Support and customisation

At the Australian Wig Company we understand and acknowledge that sometimes a few try ons are required to get it right. Our online consultation service includes the ability to try your suggested options on at home in front of the online consultant. This way buying a wig online becomes as close to an in person consultation as possible. Our in house Wig Developer offers a her expertise for all types customisations and at the Australian Wig Company, we enjoy providing the best human hair wigs Australia.

Australian Hair Wig Specialist : FAQs

Which brand of hair wig is best?

Finding the best human hair wigs Australia comes down to the wigs that look most natural and will sit flat just like your own biological hair would. To answer which brand of hair wig is best, it can be narrowed down to how the cap of the wig fits on your head, and the wigs that look most natural. We have a few brands we like to recommend to our clients including Private Collection & Jon Renau for best human hair wigs Australia and add Raquel Welch, Henry Margu, Ellen Wille for synthetic wig options.

How much would a real hair wig cost?

Generally you will get what you pay for. A real hair wig that offers 100% REMY human hair, a comfortable cap and is a natural looking wig will be anywhere from $2,000 upwards. Length of the hair on a human hair wig will play a big part on the price.

What is the best wig for beginners?

Highly recommended to consult your Australia wig specialist to establish which wig is going to be the best for you. Your lifestyle and hair loss patterns can be major factors to consider. Generally look for a wig that is easy to wear, and fits well with no bagging at the back is the best wig for beginners. Ideally one with a lace front and monofilament top is an ideal choice.

How long can you wear a wig?

Australia human hair wigs generally have a life span of 12 months when cared and looked after properly. We recommend replacing with a new human hair wig every year and keeping your previous human hair wig as a back up/casual wearing one. Synthetic wigs have a lifespan of 3-6 months before showing signs of wear with the fibres losing their original lustre.

Does wearing a wig damage hair?

No, in fact in some cases wearing a wig can help your biological hair recover and grow.

Can I sleep with a wig on?

It is not recommended to sleep with a wig on. We recommend a soft cap if you prefer to wear something. If you sleep with a wig on you run the risk of pulling at the wig and causing damage.

Can I wear wigs everyday?

Yes it is quite ok to wear wigs everyday. Whether you want to regain your old hair style back, or change your look every day, wearing a wig everyday restores confidence and identity. No damage will occur to your own biological hair and you can change your look as often as you like.

What are the disadvantages of a wig?

The main disadvantage of a wig tends to do with a correct fit and whether the cap is cool to wear. An ill-fitting wig will not feel or look right.

How often do you wash a wig?

When wearing your wig daily we recommend washing wig every 8 wears, or every two to three weeks. When wearing less frequently wash every 6-8 weeks. Always use the recommended shampoo and treatments recommended by your supplier.

What kind of wig looks most natural?

Most natural looking wigs will have a lace front, and monofilament top which allows multi directional parting. These two components are key for finding a natural looking wig. Although there are some very natural looking synthetic wigs available, Human hair wigs still provide the most realistic looking wig options.

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Best Hair Wigs Australia - How do you choose?

With so much choice and so many different styles available, how do you choose the best wigs Australia? To start your process it is a simple matter of finding yourself your own Australia wig specialist and working with them to discover and narrow down your list of Australia wigs that will be the most suitable for your requirements. Your Australia wig specialist will consider a few elements to narrow down which Australia human hair wigs will suit the following criteria for you.