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Human Hair Toppers

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What is a Hair Topper?

Human hair toppers provide a perfect way to provide help where you need it most if you are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair. A vast range of different sized bases ensures human hair toppers can be clipped in to integrate with your own biological hair and provide a seamless result. Basically, human hair toppers are clipped in to provide coverage and volume to cover the areas of hair loss.

Choosing a human hair topper to suit your own personal requirements is a relatively simple process when you visit an Australia hair topper specialist. They will take a look at your hair loss pattern and assess which hair topper will be the right one for you based the type of base, density and length.

Your own natural hair line will be used where possible to work with your human hair topper. An Australia hair topper specialist will work to provide any customisations on a human hair topper to ensure it blends perfectly with your own hair. Being human hair, the topper can also be trimmed into your own hair style.

Human hair toppers are more lightweight to wear as there is less material covering the scalp, and your own hair can be left out. Human hair lace hair toppers are extremely breathable as they have the thinnest material and can sometimes be used for Full Frontal Alopecia FFA.

How to use a hair topper is a simple process. Each human hair topper has clips that can be clipped into your own hair. These clips are precisely the same as on hair extensions. Sometimes a little bit of tape or glue can be used if extensive hair loss has been experience as is the case with FFA, Full Frontal Alopecia.

When talking about how to use a human hair topper, we suggest placing the topper on, securing the first clip, and then secure the back and side clips. If the hair topper feels tight anywhere you can loosen the clips by simply unclipping and re clipping to make sure your hair topper is comfortable.

To ensure you are styling your hair topper in right we encourage you to bring your own hair out at the hair line and over the topper so there is no way of telling the difference between your own hair and the human hair topper.

Australian Wig Company find the best brands of human hair toppers including the Private Collection range, and we use and recommend the Jon Renau toppers for most of our clients. When considering the best brands of human hair toppers it really does come down to the quality of the hair, the base and the density being offered. We definitely like to keep the density low in most cases, however some of our best sellers do have a medium hair density.