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Medium Length Wigs from Australian Wig Company

Why go for mid length wigs over other lengths? At the Australian Wig Company we find the mid length wigs are more feminine and fun to wear than some of the short length wig counterparts and don’t have the overwhelming length of long wigs.

Mid length hair wigs hit the just right spot for many ladies with their length and volume. Long enough to be flowing, yet not too long to feel like they’re too long, the mid length hair wigs come in so many style options.

Shoulder Length Wigs for Cancer Patients

Losing your hair is never an easy experience, however help is at hand and these days the beautiful mid length options available enable you to go on with regular life without anyone the wiser that you’re even wearing a wig. The mid length hair wigs will offer a nice flattering length, just sitting shoulder length and a touch longer.

A lovely compromise between having short hair wigs or long hair wigs, this middle length hair wigs are extremely flattering and feminine. Depending on the cap and quality, some mid length hair wigs can even be put up into a going-out style. Finding a comfortable cap and one that doesn’t bunch up at all at the back is super important.

Booking a consult either in person or online with a wig specialist is definitely recommended and having a picture of how your hair looks/used to look is a great way of achieving a similar style with mid-length wigs.

Why Choose a Shoulder Length Wig

Sometimes having short hair can be a little confronting. Not only does it show all your face, but many ladies also don’t feel comfortable with everything being exposed (chin, ears). The mid-length wigs offer a great solution with the hair covering all the areas of the ears, neck and providing a little more face framing for the wearer.

In many cases choosing mid length hair wigs provide a little more confidence by suiting most face shapes and offering a more free flowing type of hairstyle. Face framing and layering options work beautifully when choosing mid length hair wigs too.

The world of options definitely opens up with mid length hair wigs, any style from elegant smooth bob, to beautiful fun waves, to flattering layers can be enjoyed. Such a popular choice of length the mid length wigs can also be worn up and styled in a few different ways.

The Best Brands for Medium Length Wigs

In our Perth showroom, we have a vast array of medium length hair wigs, however we find there are a couple of firm favourites when it comes to brands that offer a mid length hair wig. Raquel Welch has a wonderful range in mid-length wigs and the styles range from classy all one length bobs to tousled beach waves.

Jon Renau has a varied and wide array of mid length hair wigs on offer along with some of the best-designed caps. One of our favourite brands in the store has to be Henry Margu, their mid length wigs are always close at hand for us to try with our clients and usually end up being worn out the door after trying them on.

For human mid length hair wigs, you can’t go past the Private Collection European Range. Wow, the mid length wigs in this range have everything you can possibly include for the best natural looking wig.

Gorgeous European human hair, sleek and smooth, a cap that hugs your head and fits comfortably without any effort and super fine lace with the lowest of density options. Definitely, something to consider if you’re after a mid length wig with a long bob or layered bob style.

Which Medium Length Wig Is the Most Flattering?

With pros and cons for all different mid length hair wigs styles, possibly the most flattering can be narrowed down to the level of face-framing provided. Soft layering shaping a face is always feminine, a look that suits nearly every face shape. The classic bob can also be a very flattering choice when it comes to mid-length wigs. The length and shape give a lovely overall shape as a hairstyle.

For carefree, youthful results, the softly layered and subtle waves from a mid length hair wig styled into a shag style is hard to beat. The most flattering style for you will depend a little on your lifestyle, style and personality. The best way is to try some different mid length wigs on and just see which style appeals to you the most!