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Australian Wig Company Did You Know

Did you know The Australian Wig Company are an approved private health insurance provider Australia-wide?

Most private health insurance organisations will have an allowance for ‘prosthetics’, or other external medical devices. It is vital to check your policy or call your insurance company to find out your benefit details. If you choose to go with another company, please ask if they are certified health insurance providers. Not all wig suppliers are.

Did you know The Australian Wig Company want to spread the word of organisations that support people suffering hairloss?

We love to learn more about the causes of hair loss, whether it is medically induced or otherwise. This gives us the tools and the understanding to empower our clients through knowledge and compassion. Our team have members who suffer hair loss and we are there for them on their hair loss journey. They also give us unique insight into the impact hair loss has in their lives.

At The Australian Wig Company we believe in sharing all available resources with our clients and believe in the organisations who also support people adjusting to a new way of life. Checkout the links to some great organisations that may help you in your journey too.

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