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Petite Size Hair Wigs

Petite hair wigs are ideal for women with small heads and teens/children. As a gauge, a petite size wig fits when your head’s circumference measurement is 21”. Although not every style is available in petite wigs sizes, there are plenty of options ranging from pixie through to sophisticated bobs and luscious lengths. A petite size wig will have you feeling comfortable and secure with a firmer fit.

If you’ve struggled to find a hair wig that fits you, then petite hair wigs may be able to give you that secure and comfortable fit that you’ve been looking for. All wigs are adjustable at the nape area, but even so, sometimes the average will still be just too big overall when you have a smaller sized head.

Why Use Petite Size Hair Wigs

To have a wig that’s not going to move on your head and provide a comfortable, snug and secure feeling it may just be that you need petite size wigs. We recommend petite hair wigs for anyone with a head circumference of 21” and in most cases we use petite or extra small sized wigs for teens and children.

Although wigs shouldn’t be so tight that you feel them constricting your head, your petite wig should feel firm and fit over your head well. We find wigs tend to be the larger size, especially with the well known brands online. So, it may just be that petite size wigs will give you a better result and have you extra confidence that your wig isn’t going to move.

Why Buy Petite Wigs From AWC?

Petite wigs and very small sized wigs can be extremely hard to find as not many wig suppliers will offer the smallest sizes due to a smaller market requiring them. It’s a passion at the Australian Wig Company to provide very small and petite size wigs in a variety of beautiful options and styles.

Our extremely popular European Human Hair Wig Ranges (Bella and Mia) start with very snug fitting petite size wigs. It’s important to The Australian Wig Company that their petite wigs selections are vast as we work with a lot of children and teens who are experiencing hair loss. Our in house wig developer is very passionate about ensuring every person enjoys wigs that fit properly and feel comfortable.

Petite Cap Sizes : FAQS

1. What is a petite size wig?

Some ladies have a smaller sized head, along with children/teens. Petite size wigs have a cap that is sized to be extra small or small. Petite wigs will fit snugger on these ladies and children than the average size hair wig cap size.

2. What is the smallest petite size?

Petite hair wigs have the cap measurements to suit a head with a head circumference of 21”, Ear to Ear 13”, and Front to Back 13.25”. Always measure your head to establish if you need to have petite size wigs. Check out our hair wig size guide here.

3. How do I know my petite size?

If you find that you usually go for smaller sized hats, then there’s a good chance that petite size wigs will be for you. The ideal way to measure for petite wig cap sizes is by doing the circumference, ear to ear and front to back measurements of your head.

4. Is petite for small people?

Not necessarily just for small people, petite hair wigs can suit a tall person with a small sized head. And the reverse can also be the case … a small person may require an average or large cap size for hair wigs. Always measure your head to establish if you require petite size wigs.