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1. What are Synthetic Hair Wigs & Toppers ?

Suitable for cosmetic and hair loss solutions synthetic hair wigs and synthetic hair topper offers a quick and easy hair solution. Made using man-made fibres, the synthetic wigs of today offer the wearer a multitude of colours, including beautiful grey tones and the opportunity of a ready to wear hairstyle every time.

Synthetic hair toppers on the other hand are designed to clip into the wearer’s own hair and help with any hair loss or thinning patterns. Both synthetic hair wigs and synthetic hair toppers are easy to use and have a wide selection of bases to choose from.

2. How to Use Synthetic Hair Wigs?

A synthetic hair wig will need to be the right cap size for your head measurements. Once you have the right cap size and have chosen the synthetic hair wig style you’re after, then it’s simply a matter of holding synthetic wigs at the front while gently pulling the wig over your head. If your synthetic wigs have lace fronts, please make sure to have the lace part sitting flat on your hairline.

An added bonus of choosing synthetic hair wigs with a monofilament base or hand-tied base is that they can have they part reset wherever you like, simply by wetting the part line down until it’s saturated, re-parting where you’d like the part and leaving the synthetic hair wig to air dry.

3. Advantages of Synthetic Hair Wigs?

When it comes to having a ready made to wear style, you can’t go past the enormous variety offered by synthetic hair wigs. The synthetic wig will go back to its original style every time you wash her too. So, when you’re after a curly or wavy style, this is where your synthetic wigs definitely offer the best options.

In most cases, grey colours are also best in the synthetic wigs and synthetic topper ranges. It is rare to readily source human hair wigs and toppers that have natural grey colours. Whereas the synthetic wig ranges there are beautiful combinations and degrees of grey colours hair wigs available. Synthetic hairs are generally more affordable due to their man made fibres when compared to their human hair counterparts.

4. Disadvantages of Synthetic Hair Wigs & Toppers ?

Perhaps the most obvious disadvantage of wearing a synthetic hair wig or synthetic hair topper is that it doesn’t look quite as natural as a human hair option. In a lot of the options, the synthetic wigs will throw a slight shine which gives away the fact that they’re not human hair or the wearer’s own hair.

Being man made, the fibres of synthetic wigs also tend to lose their lustre quicker than human hair wigs too. In some cases, the ends of a synthetic wig will become quite dry and hard to work with.

5. Why Buy From Australian Wig Company

Having a huge selection of synthetic hairs and synthetic hair toppers on our website gives you the variety and choice of literally any wig style and colour you can dream of. Ranging from super curly to sleek straight pixie cuts and everything in between the selection of synthetic wigs is almost endless at the Australian Wig Company. Our web chat is available for any questions you may have before purchase, including colour and style availability for any synthetic wigs and synthetic toppers you like the look of.

A full journey is encouraged, complete with how to tutorials on washing and styling your synthetic wig or topper. We understand how confronting buying something so personal can be online and offer any support you may need via chat or online consultation that you may need to choose your ideal synthetic hair wigs and toppers.

Synthetic Hair Wigs: FAQs

1. Are synthetic hair wigs good?

Sometimes colour and style simply aren’t available in anything but synthetic hairs. Synthetic hair toppers also have limitations with some colours and styles too. Synthetic hair wigs and synthetic toppers provide a great way of getting specific colours and styles.

2. What are the 4 disadvantages of synthetic hair?

The biggest disadvantage of synthetic hair toppers and wigs is that they cannot be styled as human hair can. Being a man made material, synthetic toppers ad synthetic wigs will effectively melt if heated tools are used on them.

Longevity also is another disadvantage of synthetic wigs and toppers, as being synthetic, they will not hold their lustre as well as human hair.

The feel of a synthetic topper or wig has the tendency to become ‘crunchy or dry’ at the ends after a period of time.

Finally, the biggest disadvantage of synthetic hair toppers and synthetic wigs is that they simply don’t look as realistic or natural looking in most cases.

3. Do synthetic wigs look like real hair?

With the revelation of some high quality synthetic hair toppers and wigs, a synthetic wig can initially look as realistic as real hair. However, in most cases, a synthetic topper or wig won’t be as natural looking as a human hair wig or topper.

4. How long can a synthetic wig last?

Generally, a synthetic wig and synthetic topper have a shorter life span when compared to a human hair wig and topper. When properly looked after you can expect up to 3-6 months of good wear if you’re wearing it regularly.

5. Is it OK to wash synthetic wigs?

Yes, you must wash and care for your synthetic hair and synthetic toppers and use the supplier recommended products. A spray of Simply Stylin also helps to keep the synthetic fibres maintaining their lustre.

Check out how to wash synthetic hair wigs in our tutorial section on the home page. Always allow your synthetic wig and synthetic topper to dry naturally and place them onto a styrofoam head.

6. Can you wear a synthetic wig everyday?

Yes, a synthetic wig or synthetic topper can be worn daily. Wearing one every day however will require you to clean your synthetic hair topper and synthetic hair a little more frequently and perhaps take extra care to ensure you receive the longest life of your piece.