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Private Collection Wigs Designed to Fit Flat Head Syndrome

For centuries the wig industry have made wigs to mould in with a rounded head shape so the wig sits under, and hugs, the curve of the occipital bone.  However there’s a 1 in 5 chance that someone may have what’s known as “Flat Head Syndrome” or Plagiocephaly.   It’s really hard to fit a wig properly if the head hasn’t got a rounded part and the occipital bone is missing.

What is Flat Head Syndrome?

 What happens here is that the area at the back of the head that is normally rounded hasn’t formed in that shape – there is a flat area where the round shape would be.

There are a few reasons this may happen however the most common  cause of a flat head is when a baby is left on their back for extended periods of time as the skull is forming.  

Flat head syndrome was considered relatively uncommon until the “Back to Sleep” campaign of the early 1990s. Since then, there’s been a sharp rise in how common it has become.  Now it’s as common as one in five women having this as an issue.  We’re seeing more women having this as an issue and when a wig is worn, there are definitey issues with regards to getting a wig to fit someone with Flat Head Syndrome well. 

So what happens – what is a Flat Head – if you take a look at the diagram below you’ll see where the area is of concern.  The Occipital bone is not formed properly during the skull’s development, resulting and the dome shape or round shape not being able to be created.


Fitting A Wig to Flat Head Syndrome

Having no curved shape and a flat area at the back of your head means that a wig has nothing to hold onto.  It’s really common to hear the complaint that “my wig just keeps slipping up and bagging” from ladies who don’t have a well formed round occipital bone.

This makes sense…

When the occipital bone is formed in a curve a wig sits neatly over this curve and hugs a head.  For a flat back of the head, the wig doesn’t have the curve to hug and even if the wig is set to the tightest setting, it still won’t fit well.

Normal Shaped Occipital Bone

Private Collection Wigs Fitting Flat Head Syndrome

So how do we address this in the wig world?  Given that there is no round area for a wig to hug onto.  What’s the secret to having a wig fit right for flat heads?  There’s good news, the brand Private Collection is an Australian Brand, designed by Australians for Australians.  Not only does this brand cater for our smaller head sizes in Australia, but the wig development team have also addressed how to fit a wig properly to a flat head.  

The resulting cap  has been a breakthrough.  The Private Collection Wig cap is designed to mould and hug  a head no matter the shape.  Innovative structuring at the back, the moulded weft cap provides a comfortable, form fitting result for ladies with no occipital bone.  Flat Head Syndrome Wearers of the Moulded Stretch Weft design have raved that there is no bagging or riding up experiences when wearing these Private Collection Wigs – a true breakthrough!

Top 4 Tips for Fitting a Wig When You Have Flat Head Syndrome


The wig gripper is a headband made from velvet with a see through area for the part.  Face the rough so that it goes towards the back of your head as this is what the wig will grip to.  

The Wig Gripper simply sits on your head like a head back and the wig is placed on top of it with the part of the wig sitting on the see through area.



Always measure your head and establish which sized wig cap is going to be the right fit for your head.  

In Australia, we are known for having smaller sized heads when compared to our USA counterparts… so in a lot of cases you’ll be heading towards a small or petite sized cap.


In most (if not all) good quality wigs you’ll have the option of tightening the wig by using the adjustable straps at the back of the wig.

These can look like a bra type of hook, where you adjust and slide the hook into the right spot on the back of the wig that sits your head the best.  Of it may have a velcro style of adjustment.  Either one works great… just remember to use this option and adjust to fit you properly.


If you haven’t already tried a Private Collection Bella Euro or Mia Euro wig, nows the time to experience a wig that actually fits if you have Flat Head Syndrome.

You can contact the Australian Wig Company and arrange an in person consultation or perhaps request a try at home service/online consultation so you can see just how well these wigs will hug your head

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