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Why Choose Australian Wig Company Long Wigs?

Above all else, long hair wigs need to offer a supreme level of quality to be considered as realistic as possible and must have a well fitting and comfortable cap which fits your head perfectly. It has been a long five years of research and development at the Australian Wig Company to perfect the ideal long hair wigs, with the purpose of having a snug fitting result that does not bag or require anything to help keep it in place.

One of the main issues with a lot of the long wigs is that they are generally larger and it can be extremely difficult to find a great fitting wig for the smaller head sizes. The Australian Wig Company has made it their mission to have beautiful high quality wigs that fit a smaller head and not only that, will not move at all due to their moulded stretch cap.

In addition to its own Private Brand, the Australian Wig Company also stock and recommend long hair wigs from other premium suppliers in both human hair and synthetic options. You’re sure to find your ideal solution from the vast selection of long hair wigs found at The Australian Wig Company.

Long Wigs for Cancer Patients

Whether you’ve previously enjoyed the ability to grow length in your hair or have simply always had long luscious locks, long hair wigs offer the opportunity of enjoying having long hair whilst going through treatment. Long hair wigs have the uncanny ability to provide a level of feeling good about yourself even when you’re not feeling great at all. With a long hair wig, you can look in the mirror and feel a little bit of normality again.

One of the hardest things to come to grips with is losing hair during treatment, especially if you are used to having a long hairstyle with your own hair. A beautiful long hair wig can restore your identity and bring confidence back, all whilst ensuring no one is aware that you’re wearing anything when choosing high-quality long hair wigs.

Always remember to invest in long hair wigs with a comfortable and firm fitting cap that will mould to your head and be cool to wear.

Top Rated Long Wigs Brands

Private Collection from The Australian Wig Company offers one of the most comfortable and most secure fitting long hair wig options with their Bella Euro and Mia Euro styles. Simply glorious to the touch, the premium hair quality along with the revolutionary moulded stretch cap definitely catapult this brand high on the rankings.

Blake also places another well-known brand high in the rankings. Jon Renau has really nailed their long hair wigs with the likes of the Blake and Blake lite ranges, even having the Blake style available in a petite size. For synthetic long hair wigs Jon Renau, Ellen Wille and Raquel Welch are all considered top rated suppliers.

How To Take Care of Long Wigs?

Just like your own hair, your wigs will require washing and treatment to prolong their life and keep them looking great. If wearing it every day, every 3 weeks is about the right time frame for washing your long hair wigs.

Recommended to air dry as opposed to using any heat/blow dryer to dry your long wigs, and in the case of human hair wigs, we recommend sealing the fibres by running through a heating tool like a straightening iron or curling tong. A product we love to spritz on our long hair wigs is Simply Stylin.

As with any length of wig, always be careful not to pull on the lace area when putting your wig on and off as this area is delicate and can be torn. Never place your sunglasses/glasses on top of your head while you’re wearing a long hair wig as you run the chance of pulling out hand tied fibres. It’s also not recommended to sleep, or swim in your long wigs.

Buying Guide for Long Wigs

A decision of which direction you’d like to go is important as a pre-selection for buying long hair wigs; synthetic or human hair? When looking at synthetic long hair wigs, consider the shape and style of the wig, does it have the shape you’re after, the curl you like and the length you like? With synthetic long wigs you can literally have any pre-styled look you desire every time you wear the wig.

Even when you wash a synthetic long wig, it will return to the same style it was when you first unboxed it. Human Hair wigs will require a little more styling after you wash them and will be a more natural/realistic looking result.

First, establish the length you would like the human hair wig to be. If wearing it every day, is the cap comfortable and does it fit your head well. Can you part the hair in a few directions and is there a lace front so the long hair wig looks as natural as possible?

Always ensure long hair wigs are made using Remy or European quality human hair wigs and in most cases, low density long wigs will be a better option over high density as they will not be as overwhelming and more natural looking.