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Ladies hair wigs have become a necessity and a trend for many ladies and continue to climb in their popularity. With the onset of new base designs and techniques, real human hair wigs Australia have catapulted themselves into a new dimension of comfort and realistic looking wigs. Arguably the most popular hair wigs for women are in the shape of a bob style. The long bobs are one of the most sought after designs for real human hair wigs for women.

Most Elegant Human Hair Wigs in Australia

It’s hard to go past European Hair Wigs as one of the most elegant and in-vogue hair wigs Australia wide. The soft, silky allure of a European hair wig sets it aside as one of the most realistic looking wigs available due to the beautiful quality of this human hair. The most elegant human hair wig in Australia would be a Bella Euro (long all in one length bob) or Mia Euro (slightly layered).

Being extremely low density wigs, these styles offer the wearer a beautiful natural looking wig, that sits so flat and hugs your head so well that it provides absolute security that the wig is not going to move at all. Of course, the styling options for your hair wig are endless: straight, tonged, curly, even put up into an up do (depending on the length) and offer excellent versatility for the wearer.

How To Find Real Human Hair Wigs online

This is a relatively simple process that can require a little reaching out for help. We recommend an online consultation prior to the purchase of any ladies’ hair wigs, just to ensure the right length, colour and density have been established.

With real human hair wigs there are always possibilities of having customisations made to meet any individual requirements and finding real hair wigs online doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Assistance is always available by reaching out to your chosen supplier. The process can have the simplest starting point of typing into Google Real Hair Wigs!

Why Australian Wig Company Human Hair Wigs Are Best

Perhaps the best way to share what we offer at The Australian Wig Company is to start by sharing our most important asset! Our beautiful and talented in-house wig developer specialises in designing hair wigs for women. Having spent decades as the designer and developer for wigs in fashion & movies, Sharryn has spent her entire career tweaking, inventing, moulding and conceptualising both synthetic and real hair wigs.

Her passion has led to some major innovations in the field of real hair wigs in Australia. Catering for petite sized children and women Australian Wig Company hair wigs offer natural looking wigs that stay firmly in place and offer extreme comfort to wear.

When searching for ladies hair wigs it can sometimes be overwhelming. The Australian Wig Company likes to alleviate your guess work and offer support both in person at their Perth Showroom (in-person consultation rooms in Melbourne) or via an online consultation.

Human Hair Wigs For Ladies: FAQs

1. What is the best human hair wig brand?

5 years of research & development have placed Private Collection in front of a lot of other hair wigs Australia brands. The amazingly comfortable moulded cap has provided a new level for women wigs Australia as it doesn’t gape and is extremely secure.

2. How much should I pay for a human hair wig?

Ladies’ human hair wigs range from around $2,000 upwards when you’re looking for hair wigs for women that will provide a comfortable, and natural looking wig. Things to look for when searching for real hair wigs Australia include lace front, Remy human hair, monofilament, hand tied and stretch cap.

3. What are the disadvantages of hair wigs?

Although they provide a natural looking wig, human hair may not be for everyone. Ladies’ human hair wigs require a little more styling as they are just like your own biological hair. Some curling/straightening will be required to achieve certain looks.

4. How can you tell if a wig is 100% human hair?

Hair wigs for women can be categorised with a simple strand test. Take a very small section of your wig and apply a bit of heat to it … human hair will tolerate the same heat as biological hair, synthetic hair wigs will grab/melt.