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Short Hair Wigs

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What is a short wig?

Short hair wigs, just like your own biological hair sit above the shoulder and are generally cut into a short wigs style. The natural looking styles for short wigs can range from shag & pixie curls to elegant layers & casual chic. Whatever the styles you’re drawn to for your short hair wigs are, the main thing to look for in a short wig is that it has a good cap which allows it to be as a natural looking wig as possible.

Being a short wig, the cut and finishing off really need to be spot on so that you look like you have your own hair rather than looking like you’re wearing anything. Short wigs are so vast in their selection and can literally provide you with any look you’re after without having to worry about cutting your own hair to achieve it.

How to Get Natural Looking Short Wigs ?

As with any natural-looking hair wig, it will always come down to how the cap is made. Things to look for to help achieve the most natural looking short hair wigs include a lace front which enables off the face styling.

A monofilament section will also help a short wig appear more realistic and finally, wherever possible, go with hand-tied and a stretch cap. Although a little more expensive the hand tied stretch caps are always the ideal option for short hair wigs and definitely look the most natural.

Most Popular Short Wigs at AWC

By far, the gorgeous Pixie cut is one of the most popular short hair wigs we sell here at the Australian Wig Company. This is super chipped in style of short wig and suits a lot of face shapes. Casual chic is also a firm favourite, with the soft beauty waves adding a little bit of softness for short hair wigs.

Coming into the top three would also be a short bob, nice and elegant and always in fashion, you can’t go wrong with short wigs that have this classic styling.

Why Shop With AWC For Short Wigs?

Having one of the largest inventories of short wigs in Australia, along with a super friendly experience either online or in person in our Perth Showroom, you’re sure to find your perfect short hair wigs specialist with us.

In our Perth showroom, we always carry an extensive range of short hair wigs and enjoy being able to offer several options during our consultations. Finding your short hair wigs with us is as simple as having a chat and working out which short wig style suits you best.