About Us

Our mission is to bring ethically sourced, luxury human hair to our customers at affordable prices. We want to empower people suffering hair loss from cancer, Alopecia, and other medically related hair loss conditions.

With over 15-years of experience with human hair wigs, we offer premium custom, and ready-to-wear human hair wigs, toppers, and hairpieces. We offer our expertise and help to empower people suffering hair loss trauma with knowledge and confidence on their hair journey.

Conveniently located in Perth you can book an obligation-free consultation so we can create the hair you always wanted.

Not in Perth? Book an online/phone consultation here.

Sharryn Sinclair

Sharryn Sinclair has been in the hair and makeup industry for 35 years, working with clients for photo shoots, film, television, major film industry, and red-carpet events. Her desire to help others began when she started creating luxury wigs at affordable prices for cancer patients experiencing hairloss as a result of medical treatments. Seeing how vulnerable and unsure her clients were, she wanted to be a source of comfort and an available resource to help demystify this new world of wigs that many of her clients were embarking on for the first time. From here she felt compelled to help those suffering from other forms of hairloss like Alopecia.  

This dedication to her clients and their well-being has seen her work spread through the testimonals of her beautiful clients. Previously known as The Perth Wig Specialst, The Australian Wig Company is the next step in Sharryns journey to bring luxury wigs at affordable prices to those who need help.

Sharryn believes the wig journey is something to be shared by those who will help lift you up.